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At Be Wild Camp, our first priority is making sure we’re able to give our campers the supplies they need to learn, grow and be safe. As you are now aware, we focus on the whole child and encourage them to reach their full creative and physical potential. Be Wild Camp is a nurturing and loving environment with a team of mentors that focus on the healthy development of each child’s head, heart and hands.
At Be Wild Camp, the cognitive, artistic, and practical lessons are designed to develop the capacities that reflect individual campers’ experiences. Each week, we will help your child create beautiful work that they can take pride in- we may use materials such as clay, paint, paint brushes, rope, leather, wood, tools and more.

Will you join us in working toward this goal? A small gift like this can make a huge impact.
Thank you so much for being a supporter of Be Wild Camp success!

Juliana Reigal | Co-Founder and Lead Wild Mentor for Bees, Bugs and Butterflies
Carolina O’Connell | Co-Founder and Lead Wild Mentor for Foxes and Wolves