Be Wild After School

Being in nature is an amazing therapeutic tool to support children during school years.

Most of the after school programs keep kids inside and following a schedule- this can add to their stress over a precious phase of their lives... Our Mission: We let kids be free, we bring humans to their element, to naturally release any tension accumulated during the day. We bring them to the joy of being in nature. Nature heals. Nature nurtures children's creative minds while their bodies relax as they play.

Why Be Wild after school?

Children need to be out in NATURE, even for a few hours each day! At Be Wild After School, children will be picked up (after 7 hours of being inside with short breaks for snack and recess!), and taken straight into the wild, to play in creeks, search for bugs, climb trees, run, play and do all the childhood things that are important and VITAL for growth and development. Had a hard day? They can just read under a tree or chill in nature...

how does the program work?

School pick up & Wild play

  • Wildlings will be picked up from BCSIS/ High Peaks and walked over to play in the WILD (a mere 5min walk) .¬† Parents pick up from Be Wild by 5pm .
  • Offered primarily to BCSIS/High Peaks families, however pick up from other schools is available on an availability basis.
  • We have an indoor space in case of harsh weather.


 $25 per hour per child. You choose how many days/ hours. No Pickup fee for BCSIS/ HIGH PEAKS Extra fee for pickup at other schools.

wild wednesdays

 Wednesdays in addition to the Be Wild After School, our enrichment program is open from 9am - 5pm for 4 years old and up!

give your child the gift of nature